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One Dream Away

With soft hands we share the comfort of heaven to those around us. Dreams we live one day at a time and then paint stars of wonder in the rooms of our heart. Compassion is hope we share sprinkled by the dreams we paint. Love is joy radiating from the dreams we paint full of stars. These gifts God gave each of us. Sometimes we never use them and they dwindle away. Sometimes we give and never receive. Sometimes we give and give and give. But all the time we give because we are lovers of dreams. Lovers of life, Lovers of hope, Lovers of joy. Lovers of love. Never give up for tomorrow is but one dream away.

I Will Rejoice

The wind never moves without touching something, nor do words move from lips to ears without touching hearts. Some work hard to speak with political correctness, over looking the ramifications of their correctness. Some use words to slander, destroy and break, never hearing the countless cries of the heartbroken men, women, and children. How shall I speak? Shall I speak with words painted with pointed shapes? Shall I speak with words to manipulate and influence people like cattle being led? Shall I speak with meaningless words to hear myself echo through the land? Shall I speak with words sprinkled in hope and wonder? Today I choose, hope, for this is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be exceedingly glad.

Misty Mornin in July

Early in the morning, before the heat of the day is time to cut firewood.
1943 Farmall H, 1965 Flatbed Ford Ton Truck, 1938 OC3 Oliver Crawler

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