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Dreams are built one at a time. Built on the memories of yesterday. Painted with the hope for tomorrow. Glittering with the expection of each new moment. Life is built one touch at a time. Built on the love that radiates from your heart. Painted with the desires of tomorrow. Glittering with the expectation of each new moment. You were built by the love of God. Built on the rainbow of His desire. Painted with the hands of a Dreamer. Glittering with the expection of a precious miracle.


As you close your eyes believe in your dreams. Feel the night as it covers you like a blanket. Look up at the stars as they sparkle in your eyes. Touch the tree that blossoms in spring. Smell the flowers that decorate your heart. Each day is a new. You make it special by your dreams. Each day is a sparkling star. You make it dance in the sky. Each day is a tree blossoming in spring. You make it the colors of hope and joy. Each day is a meadow covered in flowers. You make it a rainbow of love. You make the day what it is. A day of sparkling stars. A day of trees in spring. A day of meadows of flowers. Dreamed by you. Colored by you. Shared by you.

Colors of My Rainbow with Wildflowers


More of Maine and verse

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